how it works

increases, loyalty and satisfy your customers through WiSocial, the first platform that integrates on-line and off-line like none before

wiSocial provides an automated tool for managing contacts and potential clients through the three major phases of the travel experience: before, during and after.

wiSocial automatically gathers data from your customers and potential customers by ensuring their privacy through numerous points of contact, for example:

  • website
  • email
  • crm and management
  • social network
  • Wi Fi
  • hardware
  • surveys
  • QR codes

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traditional marketing is done

Web 2.0 has changed the rules of marketing. Customers have taken control of the reputation of hospitalities. For this reason it is essential to have complete control of their contacts: before, during and after their stay.


take control and disintermediation

Turn your website, automatically collect the contacts of your potential customers. Offer a free WiFi network in exchange for word of mouth on social networks. Create surveys and promotions personalizzte, increases the quality of your services and so will your sales.


all in one platform

We aim at developing a simple platform for everyone, by offering innovative solutions and creating real value for our customers. WiSocial is a platform that aims at leading people to be more connected

how to be successful thanks to the marketing of interaction?

saves time and money through a web platform accessible from anywhere

more than 70% of people own a smart phone. Thanks to the digital revolution scpri new ways to increase the revenue of your business.

Get to know your customers better, interact with them and create dedicated offers in a way you've never seen before.

wiSocial is the software revolution that the marketing of your company:

  • connect with your customers on-line and off-line
  • increase your social presence
  • know the opinion of your customers before it's too late
  • reward your customers and increase word of mouth

WiSocial at a Glance

a complete set of marketing tools for interaction

WiSocial? Just a click

turns your ADSL connection in a marketing tool. Wifi, QRcode, tablet, website, Facebook page, they are all the contact points that allow you to interact with your customers wherever they are.

the opinion of your customers count

Get to know the opinion of your customers before it's too late. With WiSocial Polls can obtain valuable information from your customers before it is too late and they become bad reviews on TripAdvisor and

increase word of mouth

through WiSocial contact points, your customers can perform actions such as automatic social"Like"," Check-in" and"Tweet" and automatically spread your presence on social networks.

reward your customers and bring them back

Take advantage of the full potential of your business. With WiSocial Newsletter and Promotions you can send messages to increase the loyalty of your customers and increase the promotion of new products and services (upselling).

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