the mission of WiSocial is clear: to provide a powerful yet simple and complete marketing tool for interaction.

Our team of engineers, web specialist, deisgner service and user experience specialists work tirelessly to create and offer a product with great potential.

WiSocial professionals are a cultural meltin pot that enriches and gives WiSocial all those qualities to meet the needs of every customer and retailer.

attract, hold and delight more and more customers. Change and grow your business with WiSocial

The daily work of those involved in the promotion of a business is interrupted by repeated waves of change, new competition, new brokers, and new service providers.

the internet, Google and social networks have shown the actual value of the direct relationship with potential customers. WiSocia aims at fostering this relationship by creating technologies that enable the interaction between business, user, and between the digital world and the real world.

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a powerful complete solution built to offer maximum support and your company in the business of marketing and communications.

the vision of WiSocial is rooted in strategic ruole that day-by-day a report about their customers and prospects. Today, in fact consider the life cycle of the customer as an asset to increase their visibility, reputation monitoring, but above all to make upselling new services.

to survive and succeed in this fast world , those who are concerned with the relationship with customers and potential customers need a new generation of software that build, maintain and develop relationships.

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we want to become one of the fastest growing business on the market, faithful to the vision that makes us proud of our improvements.

Eather you are taking us into account as customers, partners or members of our team, please lern more about our vision, our passion and our commitment to building a great company.

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